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With Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) many aspects of healing and curing usually overlooked by Western Medicine and are now currently being investigated more deeply. These aspects have been implemented in Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. The human body has meridian lines that contain channels of energy called chi, and these energy channels are utilised to reallign or correct the flow of chi which sustains the body. These channels can become damaged or blocked thus upsetting the balance and good health we all should experience. We use these meridian lines and channels of chi to reallign or correct the afflictions to the body. There are a wide body of treatments to heal and cure the afflictions. They can include the use of Acupuncture, Acupressure, Cupping and Scraping, Massage and Reflexology, and quite an extensive range of Chines Herbs for internal disease or problems. Many injuries due to Sport, Work, Accident, Addictions, Imbalances, or normal aging and wear and tear, can be treated by TCM. In order to correct the health problems being suffered by the patient, a preliminary diagnosis is prepared, and treatment undertaken at our clinic here at 50 Florida Avenue Woy Woy NSW. We hold valid and current NSW registration &certification to undertake these treatments. We carry most health fund accounts crediting. We look forward to healing and curing your health problems.


Whatever your health concern may be, I look forward to helping you bring your body back into balance and get you feeling your best.