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Women’s Health


There are four stages in a woman’s life cycle. From the child stage, and then into the teenage years, onto the child bearing years and eventually old age. During these stages a woman can suffer many afflictions and in some cases different diseases.


As a teenager there can be period pain, irregular periods, and too little or too great a blood flow. Also there can be early periods or period delay, etc.


Eventually a woman reaches a child bearing stage and she may suffer infertility, miscarriage, habitual abortion, less or no milk after labor, incorrect fetal positioning, and possible late term delivery, etc.


When a woman enters the menopausal stage she may experience serious discomfort. These symptoms may include hot flushes, depressure, stress, dry vaginal problems, abnormal vaginal discharges (Red leucorrhea, yellow leucorrhea) and other associated complaints, etc.


All of these stages and afflictions can be treated with traditional Chinese medicine. So if you require treatment, do not hesitate to call me on 0432 234 887 and I will be able to help you in your time of need.